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About the Book

The true story of a naive, empathic young woman driven by her own desire for fantasy and romance, fearful of the ‘real world’, who dreams of true love and being an actress extraordinaire. As poverty and debt overwhelm her, she takes what she thinks will be a very limited leap into the underground work of escorting. But finds it is not so easy to get out. And maybe she doesn’t want to?

A Note from the Author

Sometimes you set out on a journey and everything goes according to plan.

Sometimes, though, you set out on a journey and suddenly you’re lost. The ground beneath you turns to quicksand and the only way out is the road less traveled.

But I think when they advised, “Take the road less traveled,” I’m pretty certain they didn’t mean the one I took. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even know that road existed. I’m pretty sure if they were my GPS, they’d be like:

Recalculating. Rerouting. Make a U-turn.

My road less traveled may not be your road less traveled but because at some point we all decide to take that road, that’s exactly what we have in common.

Maybe in taking the road less traveled, we are all just in search of the same thing.


Sephe Haven

What People are Saying

  • “With candor and honesty, Sephe Haven leads readers into the dilemmas of her life along with the difficult choice of taking the path of an escort. The prose is awesome, alluring and infused with sexiness.”

    Romuald Dzemo

    Readers' Favorite
  • “All of the elements of a good story are here. Quirky characters, ridiculous dilemmas, an unlikely but totally believable life, and a spunky, slightly naive, but ultimately strong and very likable protagonist.”

    Ray Simmons

    for Readers' Favorite
  • “I was utterly fascinated by My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale, an amazingly honest memoir of a woman committed to becoming an actress at any cost, and the costs, financially and emotionally, are high.”

    Sarah Stuart

    for Readers' Favorite
  • “The book provides an insight into the tragic aspects of life as a prostitute for many others who live on the fringes of society without any hope of a better life, as well as the real risks involved in this business.”

    Gisela Dixon

    for Readers' Favorite
  • “Between Sephe Haven’s gift for humor, her insights into human nature, her ability to move the story along quickly through dialogue and still give us realistic, likable characters is excellent.”

    Viga Boland

    for Readers' Favorite
  • “A supremely fun read.” There is no question I will read the book that follows this one and recommend this installment to all those who love true life stories that are far more entertaining than the best fiction.”

    Jamie Michele

    for Readers' Favorite
  • “My whorizontal Life made me want to meet this author. She is so genuine, so honest, and so funny that even a saint would want to listen to her story.

    Readers' Favorite Reviewer