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About Sephe Haven

About the Author
Persephone “Sephe” Haven was an actress from a really fine drama school who took a break to pay off her student loans and lost track of time. Eventually she began telling stories, doing stand up and writing this memoir. She has chosen to remain under a pen name so she can talk freely about the times she spent doing the work of love and pleasure.

About the Solo Show

This past year of 2018/2019, the show has been showcased in twenty-minute increments in front of small audiences to refine the material.

The show encompasses parts of this first book, beginning in the late 80s, moving through Sephe’s journey, arriving at a climax in which she barely survives, to the conclusion in the early 2000’s.

The intent is to start performing in Los Angeles Fall/Winter 2019

Book Signings and Show Dates

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