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About Sephe

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Sephe Haven is the author of the My Whorizontal Life series, a compelling memoir exploration of her journey from girlhood to contemporary Courtesan.


Sephe moved from Chicago where she studied acting to New York City where she graduated The Juilliard School of Drama. Performing in Shakespeare & classical theater around the country, she struggled to find her place in the acting world, until overcome by poverty and student loan debt, she made a desperate decision that ultimately changed her life.


Decades later, as one of the top courtesans in the nation, Sephe went back to the Arts, performing stand up comedy and in storytelling shows.


Sephe has created a one-woman play/show based on her life as a courtesan (and book series) that she will be performing in 2023 and is continuing the creation of the next books in

the series.


Her candor, humor, sensitivity, and insight into realms of the human experience which are often times avoided makes Sephe a popular guest on podcasts, blogs, and radio shows.


Sephe Haven writes under her pseudonym so she can talk about freely about the times she spent doing the work of love and pleasure.

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