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Finding love & intimacy in the most unlikely place

About the Book

The true story of a naive, empathic young woman driven by her own desire for fantasy and romance, fearful of the ‘real world’, who dreams of true love
and being an actress extraordinaire.

As poverty and debt overwhelm her, she takes
what she thinks will be a very limited leap into the underground work of escorting.

But finds it is not so easy to get out. And maybe she doesn’t want to?


My Whorizontal Life:
An Escort's Tale
Book 1


About the Book
Decades into her life as a secret courtesan,
Sephe Haven is asking herself, how did this become my life? Why did this slipper fit?

A Someday Courtesan is the coming-of-age
story of a sensitive, whimsical girl, with an abundant curiosity about everything from
the power of touch to reincarnation.

How did this girl with enormous dreams
end up as an escort?

A Someday Courtesan is a poignant memoir. If you like relatable characters, emotional highs and lows, and unique stories, then you’ll adore Sephe Haven’s whirlwind coming-of-age chronicles.

A Someday Courtesan
The Prequel
A Memoir in Stories

From the author of the captivating, five-star rated
My Whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale, comes the prequel:

A Someday Courtesan is the devastatingly honest account of what it means to grow up ‘girl’ in America.

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