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Bold, sizzling, and candidly narrated.
“My Whorizontal Life is the first book in An Escort’s Tale series by Sephe Haven, a memoir that covers the author’s first six months as an escort. Readers are pulled into the author’s search for love through the most unlikely path: prostitution. The story starts with the setting and the timeline of New York City in the late 1980s. . .

Thus, begins a memoir that is told in a compelling, humorous voice, each line calculated, well written and packed with wit. The humor greets the reader right from the start with the failed waitressing job and the meanness the author thinks the world reserves for her, for she can’t understand that after having spent a good time with a man and shared laughter, then he dumps her. That is what sucks more than the meanness…it’s the dumping. The levity, the lightness and the humor with which the story is told had me reading on. She makes readers buy into her worldview, sit at her feet and listen to her story. With candor and honesty, Sephe Haven leads readers into the dilemmas of her life along with the difficult choice of taking the path of an escort. The prose is awesome, alluring and infused with sexiness. It is interesting how the author transforms a painful journey into something that is fun and entertaining and, at times, the reader wonders if this is a real-life narrative or fiction. My Whorizontal Life made me want to meet this author. She is so genuine, so honest, and so funny that even a saint would want to listen to her story.”

Romuald Dzemo

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A modest but very modern-day heroine.
“I thoroughly enjoyed Book One of Sephe Haven’s My whorizontal Life series. The first book in the series is called The First Sex Months and it is a surprise and a delight to read. I loved it. The first-person point of view and Sephe’s voice make this book a superior read. It can be as exhilarating and as sad as sex itself. . .

It moves from one absurd but totally real and practical situation to the next with smooth transitions that will leave you scratching your head at the sheer ridiculousness of the human experience. I laughed, cried, and worried with Sephe. I was fraught with anxiety at her auditions. Both in her “real” life and her nightlife. She is a modest but very modern-day heroine and I hope to read more of her story in the future. When you decide to read a book with a title like The First Sex Months that is part of a series called My whorizontal Life, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. Will it be gritty? Depressing? Sad? I was pleasantly surprised to feel it was more triumphant than anything else.

Sephe Haven writes really well, but that realization sneaks up on you and the surprise is a delight. Sephe’s voice and tone make a combination that is woven together to create a seamless masterpiece. All of the elements of a good story are here. Quirky characters, ridiculous dilemmas, an unlikely but totally believable life, and a spunky, slightly naive, but ultimately strong and very likable protagonist. Sephe is beautiful. Sephe is smart. She is worthy of the life she dreams of, but she just doesn’t know it yet.”

Ray SImmons

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An honest memoir of a woman committed to becoming an actress at any cost.
“My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale by Sephe Haven is not what it first appears – erotica; it has too strong a story and only a discreet amount of sexual detail. What it is, actually, is an amazingly honest memoir of a woman committed to becoming an actress at any cost, and the costs, financially and emotionally, are high. . .

Sephe’s story opens in 1980s New York and she’s not just broke, she’s on the point of joining the city’s homeless. However, flashbacks give fascinating insights into life at Juilliard. The fear of being “cut” – thrown off the course – and the fines. If she is to realize her dream, Sephe must find a way of making money, and not as an ill-paid, clumsy waitress! Escort Agencies mean just that – women employed to escort men to dinners – don’t they?

I was utterly fascinated by My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale. Who hasn’t heard of Juilliard, famous for its high standards of teaching in the performing arts? There is no excuse for non-attendance – “Even if you are DEAD, your casket better show up. Or you will be CUT.” Escorts, Sephe discovers, are prostitutes, and they’re illegal and any client might be a policeman. Susan runs her agency by strict rules too, taking her share of the girls’ earnings, but Sephe’s reward for work she detests gradually pays her debts. Does she loathe the work? Does she become an actress? Read My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale by Sephe Haven and find out!”

Sarah Stuart

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Candid and engaging.
“My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale by Sephe Haven is a non-fiction memoir written by Sephe of her foray into prostitution. In this book, Sephe writes about her dream to get into a prestigious acting school, become an actress and an artist, and she describes her journey through her college years. In spite of getting into the prestigious Julliard School as she wanted, her career doesn’t take off. . .

as expected and she finds herself in a ton of debt. This is when she decides to answer an advertisement for escort services and quickly finds herself working long shifts as a prostitute. This is her book about her thoughts, feelings, and experiences navigating this new world.

I liked My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale and think it is a great book. Sephe has written a candid account of her experience so far with prostitution and the shadowy, underground world in which it takes place. Although Sephe has admitted the high as well as low points in her life and career, overall, she seems to be content with her life as it turned out. While this is great for her, the book also provides an insight into the tragic aspects of life as a prostitute for many others who live on the fringes of society without any hope of a better life, as well as the real risks involved in doing this. I also appreciated that Sephe has chosen to talk about her so-called friend to who she confided her secret and his judgmental behavior is once again a sad reflection of an unfair and sexist society that condemns the women involved in this, but never the men. Sephe writes candidly and engagingly and I am looking forward to reading more books from her.”

Gisela Dixon

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You can’t help but be intrigued.
“When you spot a book title such as My whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale by Sephe Haven, you can’t help but be intrigued. Will it contain salacious details of hot sex, prostitution style? Will it shock or titillate? Will it deteriorate into a series of repetitious sexual encounters? Or is this just another author cashing in on the general public’s appetite. . .

for ‘sexsational’ stories? Well, it’s none of those! In fact, it’s a highly enjoyable, rather touching memoir by a woman who had her heart set on becoming an actress, a graduate of Juilliard who actually has considerable talent but who, like so many other women, sees her dreams crushed by a glamour-based industry which places looks above talent. When you can no longer pay rent, buy food or pay off the massive pile of debt acquired as a student, what do you do? How can you not be drawn to ads that promise earnings of $1000 a week? Sephe takes the bait and quickly finds herself earning great money. To her surprise, she finds the work is not as horrible as she anticipated, but readers will find themselves wondering, in some instances, how she could stand some of the men she has to service like filthy hoarders and mean-mouthed misfits with chips on their shoulders.

But Sephe succeeds in making even these men happy because she has a unique talent: her attractiveness goes well beyond her looks. It’s about her sensitivity to other human beings whom life has treated unkindly. She discovers their real needs and it’s not really for sex. What is it? That’s the beautiful and really interesting part of My Whorizontal Life, a book I read in one day! Between Sephe Haven’s gift for humor, her insights into human nature, her ability to move the story along quickly through dialogue and still give us realistic, likable characters is excellent. As indicated in the sub-title, this book is the first of two books (or more?) and Sephe Haven includes a few chapters from the sequel at the end to whet our appetites. By the looks of those preview chapters, that sequel will be just as much fun and as interesting as this first book. Haven can add my name to new fans. I predict she’s going to have many more and deservedly so. Don’t hesitate to select My whorizontal Life the next time you’re dying to read something different that is both entertaining and informative…always a winning combination when it’s as well done as this book is.”

Viga Boland

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A supremely fun read.
“My Whorizontal Life: An Escort’s Tale; Book One: The First Sex Months by Sephe Haven is an autobiographical memoir detailing the author’s time as a sex worker. Set in 1980’s Manhattan, Haven stumbles across a wanted ad for escorts in the paper after losing her second waitressing job. Swimming in debt and with little else to sell, her body. . .

(as opposed to a never-used guitar and Julliard acting chops) will end up paying the bills. Haven, with acerbic sarcasm and a wholly authentic voice, walks us through her first months working as a professional, high-end prostitute, allowing readers the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in a room where the door is usually tightly closed.

My whorizontal Life by Sephe Haven is a supremely fun read. The narrative is raw and funny, unpretentious and wonderfully enlightening. The characters—some real, some a combination of many—are described to the hilt, drawing on a decade of excess and poised to elicit as much nostalgia as it does drama. There is a genuine element of desperation that initially gets Haven through the door of what is, essentially, an out-call waiting room of a bonafide cathouse. As the story progresses and Haven grows into her role and into herself as an independent woman, we are able to witness the good and bad of an industry we are rarely able to witness at all. There is no question I will read the book that follows this one and recommend this installment to all those who love true life stories that are far more entertaining than the best fiction.”

Jamie Michele

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Julliard-trained actor, stand-up comic and memoirist Sephe Haven is also the one-time highest-rated prostitute in America. Host Yvette Lopez and guest co-host Sasha Carrion talk with Sephe about the similarities between the art of acting and the art of prostitution, how sex work has affected their love lives, Sephe’s struggles raising her daughter, and how the widespread availability of pornography has changed how her clients act in bed.